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African Black Soap

Raw African Black Soap

African Black Soap has been used for centuries to heal problem skin. It’s good for thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and eliminating blemishes. It is also used to lightly exfoliate and give you beautiful, healthier looking skin. The soap can also be used on your body or hair or for oily skin, dry skin, skin rashes, scalp irritations, body odors and is good for sensitive skin.

The Shea Butter in it contains the Vitamins A & E and other special ingredients, which include specific fats and acids, that work together to provide you with softer, smoother, more supple skin!

African Soap made up of shea butter, consists of exclusive and unique blends that extract all skin pollutants and treat your skin with tender care. African shea butter black soap has antibacterial properties that help reduce acne causing bacteria on your face. Authentic quality shea butter soap has its medicinal impact and is often found beneficial for the treatment of eczema and other skin disorders such as itching, flare-ups, and dryness. It helps your skin to get the proper amount of required oxygen giving it a special glow and radiance. With continuous use, it will soothe your dry itchy skin and reduce flare-ups and redness.

Shea fruit which is used for the production of shea butter is extracted has lots of impact on the quality of butter. The use of good quality and the appropriate raw material is highly crucial to keep all its medicinal impact. Further, shea butter can vary in texture as it is produced by crushing nuts from the nut rather than by extracting it by using various solvents. Extracting it using solvents subsidizes its medicinal impact as it extracts all beneficial ingredients. Therefore, refined shea butter is used in your soap, may not be able to give you absolute benefits giving you a subdued version with an astounding variation in texture. Therefore, you need a trusted store to Order african soap online. At African FairTrade Society, we are here to understand your specific needs and offer you an authentic soap having all the medicinal benefits.

Why Choose African FairTrade Society To Order African Soap Online?

At African FairTrade Society, we have tie-ups with many authentic and genuine shea butter suppliers all over the region. This enables us to get you genuine African shea butter black soap to give you all its medicinal benefits.

You can Order African soap online, our superior experience in catering to several customers all over the world will ensure that you get it delivered at your doorstep at a very reasonable price range.

With several years of experience we are dealing with sales and wholesaling of Shea Butter and related cosmetic products. From its profit, we help people of West Africa for many social causes building hospitals and education facilities for underprivileged and poor people. With our sole aim to improve the overall social condition, we do provide lots of help for women’s social empowerment and development of many villages across the region.

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