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The AFTS imports Shea Butter from, Senegal and Ghana Once in British Columbia, Canada the Shea Butter is then used to produce soap, shampoo, and skin lotion. These products are packaged, and then marketed throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba,Ontario and Saskatchewan via trade shows, the internet, and local community programs.

For a complete list of stores carrying our Products please visit the Stores section of our website.Our products are produced in an environmentally sensitive manner without being tested on animals. All of our products are cold pressed with no chemicals, filters or mineral oil added.

The African Fair Trade Society – a Shea Butter Company uses the profits of our Shea Butter sales to establish a channel of micro-aid to small, impoverished communities in Western Africa. We distribute money and resources without patronage or privilege towards any sector or group within the village. We target funds towards those most in need without bias. Our goal is to invest in the Health and Education infrastructure of rural villages in West Africa. Currently we are working closely with the village of Dakateli in south eastern Senegal. The following is a break down of our main objectives:

2. Support the role of women in their local economies.

The production of Shea Butter, or Karite Butter, is a female dominated industry in Western Africa. By importing Shea butter into Canada we provide the women of West Africa a means to earn fair trade wages, learn new skills, and support their families. Currently the African Fair Trade Society imports this Shea Butter, which is then sold in health stores, and is used to provide employment for women living in Senegal, villages.

3. Provide medicine for Malaria treatment:

A portion of the funds generated by Shea Butter sales will be directed towards purchasing and supplying medicine to community members at risk, or in need.

4. Build a local Health Clinic:

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