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A Science-Based Conclusion On Shea Butter Benefits To Hair And Scalp

Shea butter is a miracle ingredient in the beauty world for hair. But have you ever wondered about the science after the benefits of Shea butter for hair? Then this blog is going to be so interesting for you. Some studies or research-based literature explain why and how this ivory and creamy substance improves the health and appearance of hair excellently.

For thousands of years, Shea butter has been cultivated for food, medicine and especially for beauty. In today’s world, where most beauty products are made of chemical procedures, Shea butter is a product that is a pure, natural, healthy and pristine moisturizer for both skin and hair.

Now you will get the reasons and way, it can benefit, based on the result revealed by scientific researches. So, go through the passages below.

The fact behind moisturizing

Human hair is nothing but fibrous, so it can’t hold water is not an obvious conception. Actually, water is one of the important ingredients to make each of our hair, and the amount is 10-13%. It is present in the intricate protein structures of the hair shaft, especially in the cortex. The rich moisturizing quality present in Shea butter because of the high fatty acid content, and it includes oleic and stearic acid as well as linoleic, arachidic and palmitic acids. These properties make hair optimal to prevent water loss and even the hair breakage problem.

The relation of hair growth

The inflammation of the scalp is not only a reason for itchiness. It damages hair follicles too. As it causes hair loss, it can also prevent the production of new hair strands.

Shea butter is not only supportive of hair stands, but it also has the properties to moisturize, condition, alleviate inflammatory concerns affecting the hair follicles. Studies found eight individual constituents in Shea butter that are four triterpene cinnamates and four triterpene acetates. Each of these constituents is able to inhibit inflammation.

Shea butter and Sun protection

The detrimental effects of UV radiation from the sun on scalp and hair are partially evident through the availability of sunscreen products for hairs. And it is growing and spreading widely.

In ‘The Impact of Oxidative Stress on the Hair’, a scientific review article, the author R.M. Trueb points at the topic of oxidative damage to the hair. He highlights, sun rays cause the lose of a single electron in oxygen molecules and turn them into free radical scavengers, which cause oxidative injury to nearby tissues of a chain reaction as they try to recover the missing electron.

According to scientific researches, a carefully formulated mixture of Shea butter can add sun protection properties because of the ingredients of cinnamate esters of triterpene alcohol. It can absorb the UVB radiation between the ranges of 250-300 nm wavelengths. This non-greasy product also protects scalp and shafts from more harmful effects from sun exposure.

We, the African Fair Trade Society, enlighten the science behind the benefits of Shea only to let all of you know that Shea butter doesn’t only carry the tag of an ancient product, the benefits are proven scientifically as well.

Apply Shea Butter to Treat Skin And Hair Problems

In the running era, most people are facing issues with their skin and hair. Even after applying several products, you may not get the expected result. Moreover, you experience further harmfulness. Whatever, if these are the situations you already faced, then you know how stressful these are.  However, this article will not disappoint you as it informs you about the online shop of Shea butter products which are useful for skin and hair problems. Therefore, scroll down this article and keep reading till the end.

Effective Shea products to buy online

These are the items in the following passages, you can buy, from an African Shea butter company.

  • Pure Shea butter

Shea butter does not use for only one reason; there is a lot of use you can make with Shea butter. You may also apply raw Shea in diverse needs as it is rich in fatty acid, Vitamin A, E, plant sterols. Therefore, you may wish to buy authentic Shea and use it in a small quantity when need. Such butter is available in online stores. The Effective quality of Shea butter is also achievable in the following products.

  • Soap

For centuries, African black soap has use and popularity in the users because of its effectivity. Apart from this soap, other soaps with the benefits of Shea butter are excellent for reducing fine lines, razor bumps, eczema, dark spots, removing blemishes from the skin, etc. Besides, the soaps also offer healthy skin after use for both oily and dry skin. Therefore, without any hesitation, you and your entire family member can use such soaps.

Effective Shea products to buy online
  • Body lotion and cream

As Shea butter is in soap, it can also use for body cream and lotion. In different quantities, you can buy body cream or lotion that you prefer most. On the dust and dirt, free skin applying the product will provide smooth and healthy skin. You can find out the disappearance of several skin issues because of the helpful feature of Shea butter in body cream and lotion.

  • Haircare products

Shea butter is useful and also caring for hair. Exploiting the effects of Shea butter manufacturing companies of hair care products add Shea butter in their products. They produce Shampoo, conditioner, scalp tonic. After using these products, you can realize the hair growth that you want. Besides, you will get silky and smooth hair. Your hair fall problem will reduce the effectivity of Shea butter. Anyway, as per your necessity, you can purchase hair care products with the benefits of Shea butter.

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