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Buy Shea Butter in Wholesale – Enjoy The Best Shopping Deals

Loaded with goodness, Shea butter is a natural beauty care element that moisturizes and nourishes your skin in a brilliant way. However, buying pure Shea butter from the physical stores won’t be a pleasing and profitable approach. Rather, if you want to buy Shea butter in wholesale, consider dealing with a trusted online store. In the passages coming up, you can learn more in this regard.

Shea Butter wholesale

Tips to buy the right Shea butter

Here are given some tips that can help you to differentiate pure Shea butter from poor quality Shea butter. So let’s start digging through:

  • Pure Shea butter, unlike the treated Shea butter, contains some bits and chips of Shea nut. And remember that the untreated Shea fat is more advantageous that the purified alternative.
  • Make sure that the Shea butter contains no artificial color or fragrance. But yes, you can feel free to choose the Shea butter products like soap or body butter containing natural fragrances like lavender or geranium.

You can easily avail the bottled and treated Shea butter products but how can you be so sure that all those bottles contain quality Shea butter? Don’t worry, deal with a trusted online supplier. In the passages attached below, you can explore more in this regard.

pure Shea butter wholesale

Benefits of buying Shea butter in wholesale online

Acquiring quality guaranteed Shea butter harvested in Africa is going to be an off-putting experience especially if you opt for conventional shopping. Instead, if you deal with a trusted African online store, you can enjoy an easy, as well as, profitable shopping deals for buying Shea butter in wholesale. The passages attached below can help you to check this out in details:

  1. Affordability – In the online stores, you can buy pure African Shea butter at reasonable rates. Also, some of them sell Shea butter products at competitive wholesale rates. Therefore, for making profitable purchases, contact them.
  2. Flexibility – Some of the online suppliers only offer selective purchases while some other offer only wholesale purchases. Well, also there are several stores from where you can enjoy selective purchases along with wholesale purchases.
  3. Brilliant customer support – Apart from selling quality-checked products at reasonable rates, reliable online stores offer great customer services too. You can enjoy secure online transaction and consistent home shipping amenities with them.
  4. Convenience guaranteed – Unlike the conventional stores, in the online stores, you can enjoy an organized shopping process and not even, you will have to queue up for the required products.
  5. 24/7 accessibility – Virtual shopping facilitates a privacy-guaranteed shopping and also, contrasting the physical stores, the e-commerce stores remain open 24/7. And that means you can schedule your shopping as per your convenience.

Let us get you the best shopping deals

We, African Fair Trade Society are one of the leading online suppliers selling genuine grade African Shea butter products and Shea butter in wholesale at reasonable rates. We offer free shipping to Canada and the USA on orders over $60. So why wait? Come and deal with us to get the best shopping deals.

Shea Butter Wholesale

African Fair Trade Society – The one stop shop for Shea Butter wholesale!

In this present world of commercialization and globalization, we are so much accustomed with spending money on the glamorous advertisements. So many different types of products are now sold for human needs. Various online surveys have revealed that a huge amount of transaction takes place across the world for the beauty products!

The demand of various skin care products is reaching the sky but, in this age of globalization, many of us are still unaware about some natural elements that can provide even better results than that of the commercialized cosmetics that contain various chemicals and oils which are effective for temporary results.

In African Fair Trade Society, we have stepped forward to introduce the world with such an element that not just can solve the skin issues, it is helpful for beautifying the skin as well. Shea Butter is the product that we recommend, sell and trust. You can buy Shea butter on wholesale from our online store.

The exciting benefits of Shea Butter

We are always keen to promote the exceptional qualities of this product and that’s why we always emphasize on the attributes of it. We have already explained the benefits of the raw form of this product but, if in case you have missed that, here’s a brief of that so that you can quickly relate with the best attributes of Shea butter.

The butter is basically produced from the nuts of the Karite Shea tree. Now the reason it is very helpful for skin is that it is a rich source of Vitamin A, E and F. all these contain nutritional values that are effective to deal with various skin related issues. We have developed different products using the butter and many of them are in high demand.

The prime three benefits of it include moisturizing, smoothening and reducing inflammation of the skin. This helps making the skin appear more glowing and younger. However, the effectiveness of natural Shea Butter is not limited to this and there are plenty of other benefits of this natural element. Let’s have a look at that.

Pure Shea Butter

The best Shea Butter Products on African Fair Trade Society

We can take the example of Unscented Body Cream – 2oz or 4oz, Rose Body Cream, Citrus Ginger Body Cream – these products are really appreciated by the users in African and in some other parts of the world. All these products contain Shea Butter and we try to keep it as natural as possible so that the natural effectiveness is intact.

We also have some Body lotions that are produced with 100% natural Shea Butter that offers intensive hydration, restoration and protection for skin. The qualitative attributes make this ingredient a secret to prepare premium quality skin products. What we have in store for you are; Lavender Body Lotion, Pear Flower Body Lotion, Unscented Body Lotion and etc. and these are exclusively available at our store. We offer shipping in Canada and USA as well!

Treating the skin issues effectively is not the only reason that increases the demand of Shea Butter on wholesale, the natural ingredient is also very effective for treating issues like hair fall. At African Fair Trade Society, we have developed hair care products like; Revitalizing Scalp Tonic, Rejuvenating Conditioner, Hair Growth Energizing Shampoo and etc. these products will reduce the hair fall issues noticeably.

We are the online destination for best quality Shea Butter products

No wonder, there are so many online store that offer Shea Butter products but, one thing that keeps us ahead of them all is that we always use the natural form of the butter without adding chemicals or any oils to it. Moreover, all our products are produced in an environmentally sensitive manner and without being tested on any animals. This preserves the effectiveness and offers best results all the time.

There are a little more to it. Obviously, we use the profits for the advancement of the production and to improve the quality of the product but, at the same time, a certain percentage of the profit is used to establish a channel of micro-aid to small underprivileged communities in Western Africa. So, whenever you feel the need to buy Shea Butter on wholesale or any product that is produced with it, AFTS is one of the most reliable online sources.