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Reason to Choose Us for Purchasing Magical Shea Butter

These days, dull and pimple-prone skin has become very common and the main reason for it is air pollution. If you are fighting with the same issue, you may have tried many creams and lotions for making your skin look glowing and beautiful. However, have you ever use Shea butter? It is a natural product (fruit Shea) and it is used for numerous purposes such as for producing the baking item, making cosmetics, and for skin lightening. It is one of the most functional natural beauty elements and people use it daily in some form. Do you know where does Shea butter comes from? It appears from the nuts found on the tree by removing the outer shell. Here, the nuts are crushed by hand so that they can be slowly roasted into butter. This Shea butter is very popular in many fields. Some people purchase it for making food or some people buy it for producing cosmetics items such as cream, moisturizer, lotion, soap, shampoo, lip balm, and conditioner.

In today’s blog, we will write, why you choose us for buying pure Shea butter. ‘African Fair Trade Society’ is an online platform, where you can find raw, organic, and unbleached Shea butter. In the following line, we will share the benefits of buying Shea butter from us. Dear readers, please stay tuned with us.

pure organic shea butter

Reason to choose us for buying Shea butter

Shea butter is available in many online stores, but not all are pure. We provide raw and pure Shea butter.

However, in modern days, almost everything is available from the online shop. Shea butter is also available in an online store. If you want to prefer bulk purchasing for making cosmetics, you can contact with a loyal online shop like us or if you have a bakery business, you can purchase Shea butter from an e-store. When it comes to choosing Shea butter from online, just look for one that is organic, raw, unbleached, and Grade A.

Cheap deals and better prices are available online because products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without involving intermediary. Therefore, if you choose us for Shea butter, you will be a gainer. You can get free shipping to Canada, the USA over $60.

All kinds of Shea Butter product available in our shops such as Argan and Avocado Oil Shea Butter, Organic pure Shea butter, and many more. Dear readers, before purchasing please check our products and read other blogs for increasing knowledge about our products and us.

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You may know that the original Shea Butter is not accessible at the local market, but if you choose us, you will get original raw product and cosmetics. We are a web-based store, open for 34 hours; this means you can make purchases when you have the desire and spare time. We know, this is quite helpful to busy people.

Well, to learn more about our product and services, buy once and use it for yourself. Shea butter is a magical item that has many qualities, so before visiting another link, try us once.

Tips to Apply Shea Butter for Fighting Hair And Skin Problems

Raw Shea butter is famous for its pure quality and it’s amazing beauty benefits that are advantageous for both hair and skin. Especially, African Shea butter always stands out for its exclusive quality. That is why whether you are a beauty enthusiast or you are a natural beauty product manufacturer, you can feel confident to embrace African Shea butter. But how to apply this African Shea butter? In this post, you can learn how applying Shea butter can help in dealing with various beauty concerns.

How to use African Shea butter?

The tips mentioned below can help you to learn how to apply Shea butter for dealing with common hair and skin problems:

1. Dry, rough skin – You can apply Shea butter on your skin as a moisturizer. This will deeply moisturize your skin. Apply on the rough, dry or cracked areas of the skin and this will help in healing the skin from the deeper layers. Also, you can apply this as body butter for the best sustenance of your skin.
Usage – Apply this all over the skin, massage it for 5 to 10 minutes and leave it thus. Follow, this regimen for once every day to unveil the best results.

2. Signs of aging – Shea butter is a brilliant remedy for the signs of aging. Use this as a natural anti-aging cream every night. Vitamins A & E and other special ingredients such as specific fats and acids will help in thinning the fine lines, eliminating the blemishes and also in fighting other stubborn signs of aging.
Usage – Apply raw African Shea butter on your face, and neck. Massage this gently with upward strokes for 5 minutes. Follow this every night to see the best results.

African Shea Butter

3. Dry, frizzy, tangled hair – Frizzy and dull hair is a big problem these days because of the increasing pollution. Also, the use of chemical products and poor maintenance make the problem even worse. You can use Shea butter as the nourishing and moisturizing agent that will help in fighting frizz and dullness.
Usage – Take a generous amount of raw Shea butter and apply this on your hair. Massage this for 5 to 10 minutes and then cover your hair with a hot towel leaving it for 20-30 minutes. You can also leave it overnight. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo to reveal moisturized and soft locks. Follow, this for three days a week to enjoy the best results.

4. Scalp itchiness and dandruff – Dryness and poor maintenance lead to problems like dandruff and itchiness on your scalp. Relax; Shea butter is a natural solution to all these problems. This element contains natural anti-inflammatory agents that soothe irritation. And the deeply nourishing and moisturizing properties help in fighting dandruff from the root.
Usage – Apply Shea butter on the scalp and massage this gently with your fingertips at least for 10 minutes. Cover your head with a hot towel for another 10-15 minutes and then, wash it with a mild shampoo. Follow this routine at least for three days in a week.

These are the hassle-free and healthy ways Shea butter takes the best care of your hair and skin. Contact a trusted Shea butter supplier company for buying pure organic Shea butter at the best price.

9 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Shea Butter Black Soap

Organic soaps are way better than the regular soaps and that is why it is time you go for the Shea butter black soaps. These are made of Shea butter and other natural ingredients that will take the best care of your skin. And these days, you can easily avail yourself of these soaps because the reputed online suppliers are offering quality checked Shea butter black soap for sale.

Where to buy pure Shea butter

Shea butter black soap – How this can sustain your skin

When it comes to organic soaps, the black organic Shea butter soaps are remarkably popular. The advantages of using Shea butter black soap are mentioned below:

  1. African black soap is made of pure Shea butter and this has amazing healing properties. That is why when you use this on your skin regularly, you can pretty easily estimate the end results.
  2. This has wonderful anti-aging properties that are good for thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, razor bumps, eczema while these also eliminate the blemishes.
  3. The Shea butter black soap also mildly exfoliates your skin. This works as a soft scrub and eliminates the dead cells to unveil softer and healthier skin.
  4. This is good for all skin types and that is why if you are worried about your sensitive skin, you can feel free to choose this soap over ordinary soaps. This is absolutely gentle and this will take the best care of your skin.
  5. This soap containing Shea butter has vitamins A and E along with other special ingredients including several essential acids and fat. As a result, you get softer, smoother, more supple and radiant skin.
  6. Well, not only this makes your skill healthier but you can also use this on your hair. This is beneficial for skin rashes, scalp irritations, body odors. Using this soap on a regular basis can help you to get rid of the bad body odor.
  7. The soap contains unrefined raw Shea butter so that you enjoy the wholesome benefits. And this is way better than the other Shea butter soaps containing treated Shea butter.
  8. This soap has no artificial fragrance rather these are scented by lavender and sometimes, these are available in unscented forms. Choose yours as per your preferences.
  9. Not only Shea butter, but these also contain Plantains skins, Cocoa Pods, Argan Oil, avocado oil and Lavender- Geranium (for scent). So you can pretty easily understand the other benefits your skin can enjoy.

The trusted online suppliers offer quality checked Shea butter black soap for sale. Here you can buy genuine grade products at reasonable rates. And some of them also offer free shipping to certain places on specific orders.  You will find all the products showcased on the website along with their relevant details mentioned. That is why buying your product is going to be absolutely easy.  

Organic Black Soap

Get the best Shea butter black soap

We, African Fair Trade Society, a reliable online African online supplier are offering Shea butter black soap for sale at reasonable rates.We offer free shipping to Canada and the USA on orders over $60.

African Beauty Secret You Should Know: Pure Organic Shea Butter

Thinking about African people, Dark Skin Tone comes to mind most. But, have you seen Dakore Akande, Jackie Appiah, and Chioma Chukwuka? These women have a bright skin tone that can change beauty terminology. We will not talk about contemporary celebrities; we will talk about the ancient age. Do you know why African people have bright skin tone? Do you know what the reason is? Well, they use Shea butter. Shea butter is fat that’s extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree and this Shea tree has naturally inhabited West Africa for centuries.

However, have you seen ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ movie? In this movie, Tywana (character) said ‘’put a little Shea butter on it’’. That means Shea butter plays many roles for glowing skin. Well, in today’s blog we will talk about the benefits of using pure organic Shea butter. Here are some of the benefits of Shea Butter for the skin:

Pure Organic Shea Butter

How does organic Shea butter benefit your skin?

Have you noticed the cream companies’ ads? They always say that our product has Shea butter that helps to rejuvenate your skin or helps to glow etc. Whatever the words are not false. It is true that Shea Butter helps maintain youthful skin. Let’s take a look at it’s benefits.

  • Shea butter contains five principal fatty acids, phenolics compounds, vitamin E, and vitamin A, F. Shea butter is considered as a superfood for the skin. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer that can moisturize dry skin easily. You can apply this Shea butter on your cracked heels, dry cuticles, and dry lips.
  • Well, if you are suffering from acne and blemishes, try pure organic Shea butter cream. You can buy African black soap or Shea butter shop. Our shops have all the moisturizing, healing, and restorative prosperities of organic Shea butter.
  • Is sunburn, rashes dull your skin? Then use pure organic Shea butter. It has several derivatives of cinnamic acid that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.
  • If you are 35, you can use Shea Butter Cream. We first earlier, that Shea butter is like food for the skin. It contains vitamin A, E, and F. Therefore, if you use it regularly, it reduces wrinkles and prevents premature wrinkles and facial lines.
  • Pregnant women can use this Shea butter. It can reduce stretch marks formed during pregnancy due to weight gain and weight loss. Well, if you want to purchase Shea butter from us, you can visit our ‘about us’ page.
shea butter for hair

You must understand why African women are gorgeous and why their hair and skins are glowing. However, do you want to purchase Shea butter or Shea butter cream, soap or moisturizer? Then remember us. We have own Shea butter production and we provide pure organic Shea butter.

African Fair Trade Society’ is one of the best manufacturer and supplier. If you can follow us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t waste your time, join us and enjoy the originality.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing Shea Butter on Wholesale Online?

Nowadays dull and problem-prone skin has become very common and the main reason for it is pollution. If you are dealing with the same problem, you may have tried lots of creams and lotions for making your skin look glowing. But, have you not got the desired result, right? Then why don’t you try some effective natural remedy? Now several people are applying Shea butter for getting a problem-free skin. According to the beauticians, Shea butter is one of those products that can gift you glowing skin without any side effects.

But, when thinking of buying it, you may be confused about where you should purchase it. As per people who buy it regularly, buying Shea butter wholesale online will be better. As traditional shops often retail fake products, people are suggested to buy Shea butter online. Additionally, there are several other advantages involved with buying Shea butter online on wholesale. We are going to discuss some of the significant ones in the following passages.

Shea Butter wholesale

Beneficial facts of buying Shea butter on wholesale online

Below points will be concentrating on the important advantages of buying Shea butter on wholesale online.

  • Dyeing to make your skin glow? Then forget about fairness creams, start using pure Shea butter. It won’t damage your skin and as it is totally chemical free it won’t have any side effects. Not only for your skin but Shea butter is very beneficial for your hair also. It will make your skin softer and smoother and hair shiny. But, the Shea butter should be pure and genuine; otherwise, you will not get these advantages. as traditional shops don’t always offer genuine Shea butter, people are suggested to purchase Shea butter wholesale from an online shop. By taking it wholesale online you will be able to save money.
  • You don’t have to commute to distant places if you choose to buy it conventionally. If you will shop from online shops, you can buy this product from the comfort of your office or home. This will save you lots of time. Furthermore, there are no time constraints like offline stores. You can buy a container of pure Shea butter whenever you want. These shops are open round the clock. Nobody will see if you are buying the product in odd timings like midnight or early morning while relaxing in the bedroom.
  • Online shops offer people Shea butter at an affordable price. The prices provided in the online shops are much cheaper than the prices provided in the offline stores. Moreover, if you will choose to buy it on wholesale, the price will be much lower. So, if you are eager to save some money, opting to purchase Shea butter online will be better.
Pure Shea butter for sale

There are several stores from where you can get Shea butter but our store is committed to selling people pure Shea butter at an affordable price on wholesale. Know more about us from the last passage.

Get in touch with our store

From “African Fare Trade Society” you can be assured to get genuine Shea butter on wholesale.

Benefits of Organic Shea Butter Body Cream and Why It Should be Bought Online

In this polluted world, skin problems have become very common. A person who does not have any skin problem can rarely be seen. The chemical based creams often can worsen any skin problem. Even the body creams have ingredients that can harm your skin. As the chemicals used in these creams have harmful properties, these have bad side effects in one’s skin especially for the ones having sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry as there are products like organic Shea butter body cream retailed in the market that is made of natural ingredients. Let’s find out in the next passage what are the advantages of using organic Shea butter body cream.

Which advantages can be obtained by using organic Shea butter body cream?

Shea butter is a natural component that is advantageous for several skin problems like skin discoloration, wrinkles, tanned skin and more on. As this product is totally organic you will not face any side effect by using it. Rarely there are body creams available which are effective for tan removal and skin smoothening. This body cream can help you in hydrating, restoring and protecting your skin. Forget about dry skin when Shea butter is with you. Organic Shea butter body cream is effective enough to gift you with flawless body skin. But, the question is, from where you will buy it. You can buy it from offline stores or from an online shop. But the option of buying it online will be better as a lot of advantages are involved with it. You will get to know the most important ones in the nest passage.

organic shea butter body cream

What are the beneficial factors of buying organic Shea butter body cream online?

You must buy organic Shea butter body cream online because it is very beneficial to buy items from online shops if compared to offline shops. You can buy it from the comfort of your house or workplace. this is most probably the most alluring advantage of buying skin care products online. If you are working in a place, this is natural that you won’t get sufficient time for going to a physical store and buy items. If you will choose to buy these products online you will get the opportunity to purchase it any time of the day and night as well, as these shops are open for their buyers around the clock.

As you are now well aware of the reasons why you are suggested to buy pure organic Shea butter online, you may now want to know about a reputable online store. We are retailing people pure body creams made of Shea butter for several years. Gather more information below.

applying shea butter body cream

Know how you can contact us

We, “African Fare Trade Society” are retailing organic Shea butter body cream for a lot of years. We offer these creams at an affordable price. Our body creams are loved by our customers because we use pure Shea butter when making it. These creams are very effectual and will work for the betterment of your body skin.

What to Look for While Shopping Pure Shea Butter?

There is no doubt that the pure Shea butter plays a pivotal role in upgrading your beauty regimen in a highly effective manner without any side effects. Considering this, a large number of cosmetics manufacturers prefer to use this element in their products. But, in most cases, the African Shea butter is being used in those products in a treated form which is not as effective as the pure Shea butter. Hence, In order to buy pure Shea butter, there are some factors that you have to keep it in mind. Besides, many people have a query that how to pick up the pure Shea fat? Well, this post is going to introduce some tips that can help you to have the right raw Shea butter.

Buy Shea Butter Online

The essentials you need to know before buying pure Shea butter

Learn about these below-mentioned points attentively in order to purchase pure Shea fat.

  • Texture: While shopping pure Shea butter, make sure that the texture should not be hard or greasy. The content of Vitamin E in the unrefined Shea fat offers amazing moisturizing effect on your skin. The pure Shea butter contains small bits and chips of Shea nuts while in the refined one; you will not feel the same.
  • Fragrance: The unrefined Shea fat doesn’t come with any artificial fragrance. It generally contains a pleasing nutty and earthy aroma. This is one of the most important indicators to identify pure Shea fat. So, when you would buy pure Shea butter, make sure that the fragrance is matched with the info you have just learnt.
  • Colour: The unrefined Shea fat is brownish white colored or an off white ivory. It is sometimes available in the yellowish color. The colors change due to the country of origin. So, while buying pure Shea fat, check whether it contains any artificial color. If it is bright white colored, it is likely to be processed. Hence, if you find any artificial color or white color in Shea fat, it is prudent to avoid purchasing it. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can open the ‘About us’ page to make your idea clearer.
  • Effect: Pure Shea butter comes with highly effective anti-inflammatory elements which are quite active in reducing skin irritation, itchiness and so forth. If you don’t experience the soothing effect after applying it on your skin, there must be something wrong with it. Besides, the unrefined Shea fat keeps your hair hydrated. On the other hand, the treated Shea fat does not produce any effective result in this respect.
pure organic shea butter

Well, these are the valuable points that will guide you to identify the Pure Shea butter. There are numerous online stores where you can purchase it at an affordable price. Now, read the concluding passage and find the trusted online store.

Contact us to purchase your need

Make contact African Fair Trade Society, an eminent online store in order to buy pure Shea butter. Here, you will be guaranteed by us regarding the purity of the Shea fat. Visit our website at to purchase your need.

The Beneficial Facts of African Shea Butter And People Must Buy It Online

In today’s world, full of population, skin issues have become very common. You will rarely find anyone around you who does not have a skin problem. The chemical based creams available in the market often can worsen the problem. As the chemicals used for making these creams have harmful properties, have bad side effects in one’s skin especially for the one’s having sensitive skin. do you have sensitive skin too? don’t worry, as there are products retailed in the market that are totally organic and effective too such as African Shea butter. on the next passage, we will discuss the advantages of using African Shea butter.

Shea Butter wholesale

The alluring advantages of using African Shea butter

African Shea butter is considered the best Shea butter ever and is great for skin and hair. African Shea butter is a natural thing that is advantageous for several skin problems like skin discoloration, wrinkles and more on. This Shea butter takes minimal time when it comes to treating a skin problem and betterment of the skin.

As this product is totally organic you will not notice any side effect by using it. In addition to applying it in the skin, you can apply it in hair as well. It will treat damaged and dried hair. Pure organic Shea butter is effective enough to relax your stiff muscles. Also, it can relieve joint pain, swelling and arthritis. But, the question is, from where you will buy it. You can buy it from offline stores or from an online shop. The options for online shops will be better. Why? Read the reasons from the below passages.

Why people are suggested choosing online stores for buying African Shea butter?

You must buy African Shea butter online because it is very beneficial to buy items from online shops. You can buy it from the comfort of your house or workplace. If you are working in a place, this is natural that you don’t get time. If you will choose to buy these products online you will get the opportunity to buy it any time of the day and night as well. This is because online stores are open around the clock. I think convenience is the biggest advantageous factor online African Shea butter shops have. You will get to buy it even at midnight while relaxing wearing your night suit. you will get to buy it in oddest timings like early morning.

As you are now well aware of the reasons why you are suggested to buy pure organic Shea butter online, you may now want to know about a reputable online store. In our online shop, we are retailing African Shea butter for a long time. Read out the below passages for knowing more about us.

Pure Shea Butter

How to get in touch with us?

Our shop “African Fare Trade Society” is retailing African Shea butter in an affordable price. The Shea butter we sell is totally pure and organic. After ordering the products from us you will get the delivery as soon as possible.

Purchase Pure Shea Butter & Enjoy Attractive Skin and Hair

Shea butter is considered as a skin super-food that comes from the fruit of the Shea tree. Pure Shea butter is rich in Vitamins A, E and F. It is declared as the skin super food for plenty of causes. It helps in nourishing, moisturizing and preventing the dryness of skins. Well, not only the skins, but it also can be used as natural hair conditioner also. Hence, if you are interested to enjoy moisturized skin and lustrous hair you might start searching about Where to buy pure Shea butter. Anyways, prior to buying it let’s know about some beneficial reasons to make use of pure Shea butter.

Where to buy pure Shea butter

Significant causes to apply pure Shea butter

Let’s have a look in the subsequent part in order to know why you should opt for Shea butter.

  • Moisturizing effect- As said earlier untreated Shea butter is enriched with Vitamins. The concentration of vitamins with essential fatty acids makes it a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. Along with moisturizing effect, it is effective for protecting the natural oils of skin as well.
  • Skin smoothing- Pure or untreated Shea butter is the purest form of Shea butter and the least processed form of it. Due to its purity, it can nourish your skin in the best possible manner. Shea butter promotes the natural collagen production of skin and makes your skin smoother and glowing. It is also proven that using Shea butter for a long period of time offer effective results in the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Natural hair conditioner- Pure Shea butter is an awesome treatment for dry and itchy scalps. This helps in keeping your scalp in the best condition along with providing long-lasting moisturization to the hair shaft. In addition to this pure Shea butter offers effective results in reducing the harmful effect of UV rays on hair.

However, after through the above-mentioned points, you might understand why you should involve pure Shea butter in your beauty regime. Now, let’s know a reputed source to purchase it.

Well, if you are confused about, from Where to buy pure Shea butter, contact with African Fair Trade Society. Now, let’s know why you should buy this product from us instead of any other online shops.

shea butter online

Why you should buy Shea butter from us?

Take a glance in the subsequent points and learn why you should make a purchase of Shea butter from our company.

  • Our company sales only untreated Shea butter.
  • More importantly, we produce our products including Shea butter in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • No harmful chemicals or mineral oils are not used in our products.
  • We sell the most genuine quality Shea butter at a very reasonable cost. Our organization does not charge any extra shipping cost at all.
  • We can ensure to reach your required products at right your doorstep in the quickest manner.

However, don’t think anymore about from Where to buy pure Shea butter? Contact us without any hesitation and enjoy the magical attributes of pure Shea butter.