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African Lavender Black Soap

You will be amazed knowing these astonishing qualities of African lavender black soap!

Here at African Fair Trade Society we believe that the Nature has everything preserved for us! Whatever we need to live our life gracefully, we can collect that from here. Many would be surprised to know that nature also provides elements for beautification too.

Shea Butter!! Yes, this is one natural element that has plenty of benefits for human skin and now, it is our one of the best practices to utilize the beneficial attributes of this element and we have produced numbers of products with this substance. The lavender black soap is one of that which is in high demand. The demand of this African Lavender Black Soap is tremendous and we are very happy to see that people (not only in Africa but, in the entire world) are accepting this product.

Time to explore the real benefits of this soap

Soap – a very commonly used beauty product that has its utilization beyond beauty enhancement! Soap is used for so many other needs and believe it or not, Shea Butter serves all those needs quite effectively. This natural element has so many other benefits.

Shea Butter Soap

The popularity of African Black Soap is worldwide and it’s been used for centuries to heal all the different types of skin problems. Many of us may not know that this substance contains various nutritional values that are really good for skin. It helps to deal with thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and also to eliminate the blemishes. It is almost unbelievable that now you can have all these spectacular qualities in a soap. Usually there are cosmetics and beauty products for all these needs separately but, with this one product, you can serve all these needs. Having so much of positive qualities is one of the reasons why the demand of African Lavender Black Soap online is so huge!

Well, this is not just the end of the positive attributes, as African Fair Trade Society is one of the reliable and renowned suppliers and wholesalers of shea butter online, we use this natural element in all our products. This contains Vitamin A and E which are great source of nutrition that are good for skin and apart from that, it also contains some specific fatty acids that are effective to make the skin softer, smoother and glowing of course!

The best online store for Shea butter products

We boast ourselves as the best online supplier and wholesaler of different types of African Shea butter products which include; Shea butter soap, Pure Shea butter, Shea butter cream and lotion, Hair and skin care products and etc.

Talking about the black soap, we have two different products: African black soap organic Lavender Geranium Scented and African black soap Organic Unscented. Both these products are highly appreciated by the users and we are trying to add some more in this category.

We also have a number of body care products and Citrus Ginger Body Cream, Harmony Body Cream, Rose Body Cream, Lavender Body Cream are to name a few! All these products contain shea butter as one of the key ingredients. Moving on from skin care products, we have many hair care products too that are making huge demand throughout the world. Some of the hair care products are – Revitalizing Scalp Tonic, Rejuvenating Conditioner, Hair Growth Energizing Shampoo and etc.

What makes us unique in the business?

Well, there are indeed a few things that make us unique than others and perhaps, these are the reasons that make us one of the most reputed supplier of shea butter products online. Here’s a glimpse for you:

  • All our products are prepared in an environmentally friendly manner
  • We do not taste the ingredients on animals
  • No chemicals, mineral oils or filters are added with the products
  • We utilize the raw form of the Shea butter that keep its nutritional values intact
  • Most importantly, we use a certain percentage of our profit of Shea butter sales to establish a channel of micro-aid to small improvised communities in Western Africa.


So, if you have decided to buy African Lavender Black Soap online or any other Shea Butter products online, then African Fair Trade Society is just the best place for you. You can visit us at to explore more details and information about our other shea butter products.

Raw Shea Butter Products: Description and why we must buy it?

Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter
Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter

Shea/Karite/Savannah trees grow in West Africa only. These trees produce Shea fruits resembling plums with nuts. These nuts are dried; kernels are ground for making Shea Butter. Local African women use cold process to make Shea Butter. This 100% natural extraction is done by our production Company African Fair Trade Society. Shea Butter is sold in various textures.

Brief Description:

Raw Shea Butter products popularly known as Women’s Gold are awesome skin care products. Shea Butter has best nourishing, moisturising and softening property. Shea butter is good for treating dry knees, elbows and feet and chapped lips. Shea butter is best for your baby’s delicate skin. Shea butter is excellent to use after waxing. Your men in house can use the same after shaving.

Properties of the Product:

Shea Butter has several healing properties starting from cuts and bruises. There are other medicinal cures. Shea Butter protects from mild eczema prone skin. It has Vitamin E, so it provides necessary anti-oxidant for rejuvenating the skin. Other special reasons for using Shea Butter include prevention of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Shea butter is used for relaxation of stiff muscles and skin discoloration. It is used for relieving joint pain caused by swelling and arthritis.

In the beauty treatment methods, Shea Butter is often used for treating damaged hair. This product is applied long before shampooing and this process removes split ends. Shea butter is used for massaging the cuticles and hands. This makes the hands soft after manicure. Shea Butter is used for manufacture of cosmetics.

Try Raw African Black Soap for Soft and Glowing Skin

When it comes to choose products that can enhance your natural appeal and provide you with glowing skin, you should not invest your bucks in synthetic products. A wide range of chemically prepared beauty products are running in the market. The maximum of them claim to offer charming and glowing skin.Raw African Black Soap However, it is also true that most of these products don’t work. Many skin care and hair care products also cause side-effects, which can create many serious issues for your health. It would be great if you choose to use only natural products for skin care.

Try Raw African Black Soap for Glowing Skin:

Probably, you may have heard about the raw African black soap. It is called a natural skin-care remedy that many people have tried. This soap is useful because it removes skin bumps and spots quickly. This natural skin care product can be an effective cure for oily skin, acne and many other skin issues. Many celebs also use this African remedy for removing makeup and regaining natural look of the skin. It is a proven cure for multiple skin issues. People also call it an anti-aging home remedy because it reduces wrinkles and facial lines without causing any harm to your skin.

The African Fair Trade Society provides different packs of the raw African black soaps. We have been selling this product for a long time and many of our customers have admired the health benefits of supplied products. You should also try our natural products to regain glowing skin, shiny hairs and better fitness.

Use African Shea Butter Soap and Experience Its Benefits

Industry’s leading skin care product selling companies invest thousands of dollars every week in advertisements. They ask the advertising companies to make people believe that their products can do miracles and offer unbelievable benefits for their skin. Actually, everything they mention in printed and TV ads is fake. People may not agree to this fact before a few decades, but today they know the reality. People have wasted lots of money on synthetic cosmetic products, but they have got no positive results. Ultimately, now users need natural solutions for their skin issues and we are helping them in finding the best solutions.African Shea Butter Soap

We Supply High-quality Organic Products for Skin Care:

The day you start believing on the fake claims of industry giants, you get trapped by them. It doesn’t take too much time in understanding that synthetic cosmetics are nothing more than a temporary solution of the skin issues. You should go for the long-term benefits and we offer organic products that can prevent your skin from almost kinds’ threats. Our products like black African soap and pure African Shea butter are purchased by many of our customers. They have used these products and today they don’t use anything else.

You don’t need any additional product for your skin, once you start using natural products. Ingredients like Shea butter are rich in nutrients. The maximum of our skin care products comprises Shea butter as the main ingredient. It smooths your skin, prevent inflammation of the skin, turns dull skin into healthy and glowing skin. You can take a bath with the African Shea butter soap and then you won’t need any additional product for smooth skin. Only that soap is enough for treatment of multiple skin problems. People across the world are now using this soap and regaining their body’s natural appeal back.

Find Necessary Products for Your Requirements and Place an Order Now:

Don’t just blindly trust on our claims. Use our organic products and then share your experience with other customers. We offer you a platform, where you can share your experiences. We are sure that you won’t even think about using something else, once you start using organic skin care products. Even the leading synthetic cosmetic product manufacturing companies use organic ingredients to enhance their products’ features. Attaining glowing and healthy skin can be quite easier for you, if you switch to natural things. We offer you easy shopping features along with multiple payment options. So, enjoy our services and get the best products for your skin’s requirements.

Personal Hygiene Is Essential for a Healthy Living

Cleanliness is Godliness. We can gauge the importance of hygiene in human lives. From the elementary level, people are taught the importance and ways of maintaining hygiene. When kids are in the hands of their parents, they maintain their hygiene and before the time comes when they can handle themselves they are taught every lesson about keeping a hygienic surrounding and also maintaining personal hygiene. This is essential since a dirty environment and an unhygienic person is not only repulsive to other people, but also the cause of various diseases and disabilities.African Shea Butter Black soap

Medicinal soaps

Bathing is important not only maintaining personal hygiene, but also in maintaining a glowing and beautiful skin and body. There can be nothing more attractive than a clean and sweet smelling individual. Bathing also removes body odor and helps us look and feel fresh. It is essential for a person to bathe on a regular basis to maintain his physical health as well as his mental health. Being clean gives out good vibes which help people feel better and in turn lead their lives in a better way.

African Shea butter soap

Bathing soaps now come in many varieties and qualities. Many of them are beneficial for the skin since they are made using products that are good for the skin and also have medicinal properties. African Shea Butter Black soap is one such product which is known to have properties that help de-tan your skin and moisturize and heal it. It has various varieties and fragrances which appeal to the users.

Enjoy the Fair Trade Shea Butter Wholesale

African Shea butter has been so popular lately for keeping your skin beautiful and flawless. It has raised a lot of products for skincare like the Shea butter lotion, African Shea butter black soap and a lot more. We all want flawless skin and for that we try each and everything, we get the most expensive products, which the market is flooded with but all in vein. Nothing happens and sometimes we end up ruining our skin more because of the harmful chemicals in it.

closeup of shea butter and shea nuts

If we talk about the African Shea butter black soap, it is produced with the help of all the natural products entirely. The best part is that there was no harm done to the environment for the preparation of this soap. The other best part about this black soap is that it is very easy to use and can be used on daily basis without worrying about any kind of side effects. This product isn’t tested on the animals like a lot of other products.

It’s the perfect soap for your skin, not just this; it’s a moisturizing agent for the face. Since its composition is of the natural ingredients, thus its effects are long lasting and can even be felt long after the usage of the soap. It also has something for your hair called the fair trade shea butter wholesale that enhances the pleasant appearance of your hair makes them look amazing. Spend on the Shea butter instead of spending your money on other harmful chemicals as you won’t regret it.

Buy Shea Butter at Wholesale Prices only at African Fair Trade Society.

Fight Your Skin Problems with African Shea Butter Black Soap

We all want a glowing skin, and for that we go and check each and every shop in the market so that we get a product which fights all our skin problems and end up giving a beautiful and smooth skin. There are a lot natural remedies that can be used to fight all the skin problems like dark spots, scars, pimples and lot more. Lemon juice is a great way to remove your scars and spots on the skin. The citrus fruit has medicinal properties that remove dead cells and skin. It can be applied directly to skin and can be rinsed off after ten minutes.


Another thing is honey which can help making your skin beautiful and fight other skin problems. It can be applied to the skin and can wash off with cold water after twenty minutes. The other way is to make a paste out of it and cinnamon powder can be added to it, this paste can be applied to skin and should be washed off after twenty minutes.

Other way of treating your skin is to use the African Shea Butter Black Soap which is a great way to fight skin problems. It has been successful treating oily skin which ends up making a lighter complexion. It keeps your skin hydrated and thus keeps it smooth; the other best part about this soap is that it can be used daily. Since it’s made up of natural ingredients, it won’t harm your skin at all.

Visit African Fair Trade Society to buy African Shea Butter Black Soap.

Are You Looking for African Shea Butter Black Soap?

African shea butter black soapSoothing body bar soap is particularly formulated with organic Shea Butter, Oats and Aloe to cleanse, moisturize and comfort irritated skin while absorbing surplus oil. African shea butter black soap has lots of advantages over your skin. African Black Soap privileged attractiveness secret, made from palm residue, tamarind take out, tar and plantain peel helps to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin. This leaves skin soft and refreshed. This is perfect for helping relieve symptoms of eczema or psoriasis. This will reduce all the dark sport on your body.

Get rid of pimples

If you are facing problem with pimples on your face, then you can get rid of pimples using the African Shea butter black soap. They use the uncooked materials in developing the African Shea butter soap. These soaps are extremely ready to lend a hand in various treatments. The superior coating of the skin also called epidermis which will acquire hold of fade by the time. This will starts losing its genuine colors. African shea butter black soap advances the beautifulness of your skin and provides an elegant look to your skin.

A massive number of people use this therapeutic soap merely to their skin for getting rid of bad skin, blemishes and pimples. These are also used for the abrasive and goaded skin. If anyone is suffering from boils then these soaps will alleviate them. Dangerous particularly violets rays and infectivity can cause the serious harm to your skin. Hence always make use of the acknowledged and African Shea butter black soap. Visit African Fair Trade Society to know more about our products.

Making the Use of the Best Natural Skin Care Products

Best Natural Skin Care ProductsMother Nature offers a cure for everything and this is the reason why there are a number of beauty brands that keep their list of ingredients very close to natural products. Making use of certified natural ingredients can sometimes be limiting. Therefore, there are many brands that do not go very far in using natural ingredients in their products. However, there are companies or the brands that use natural or a mix of organic and natural ingredients in the products that they manufacture. The Best Natural Skin Care Products are the ones that do not contain unnecessary additives, parabens, fillers and chemicals. These products are 100% pure and there are no adverse effects of using these products on the skin.

Some Popular Natural Skincare Products

Some of the most popular natural skin care products are made using essential oils, shea butter, cocoa powder and other extracts derived from plants and herbs. For example, the natural skin care products available from Tracie Martyn are free of petrochemicals, dyes, extra fillers and fragrances. They contain effective natural ingredients that ensure super-strong and healthy skin. The brand called Seventh Generation makes super killing natural cleansers for the skin. The products available from this brand are considered the best natural skin care products because they are made out of plant-based ingredients. The main ingredients used in the natural products manufactured by this company include oat extract, tea tree oil and jojoba oil. Thus, it can rightly be said that natural products made using some of the most effective natural and plant-based ingredients work wonders for the skin of an individual. From African Fair Trade Society you can get best natural skin care products which are made from 100% pure raw unrefined shea butter.

Skin Problems – Have You Tried African Shea Butter Black Soap?

African shea butter black soapShea Butter is an off- white or ivory coloured fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree, used in food preparation, in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion and is used by soap makers. The tribeswomen in the Ghana region of West Africa use Shea butter as the main ingredient in making the African Black Soap. Shea Butter has been traditionally extracted by women from the dried kernels of the Shea tree the triglyceride fat derived mainly from stearic and oleic acid used in making the African Black Soap. The aroma and deep rich colour result from the centuries old extraction process that blends the ingredients together producing the finest skin cleanser.

The original African Shea Butter Black Soap is made by adding essential oils, herbs or dried flowers. There are certain steps that are followed to get that soothing body bar soap:

  • Select base oil. Palm oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter are used as base oils in Africa.
  • Oven roasts the Plantain Skins and burns them.
  • Stir the ashes in water.
  • Heat the base oil and add the ash mixture.
  • Remove and cure the soap.

The African Black Soap has a rough earthy texture and smell; it helps exfoliate dead skin cells maintaining the natural moisture and elasticity of the skin. The soap is designed to cleanse, hydrate and calm problematic skin and helps to balance oily skin for clearer complexion. Using it regularly could do wonders to your skin irrespective of your age. The long list of benefits of Shea Butter Soap is more realized than read. Try out one. African Black Soaps are easily available at online stores like African fair Trade Society, so what are you waiting for order one and get rid of your skin problems!!

Skin Care Insights – the Temporary Vs the Permanent (Natural)

CFqxGakUkAAVR7zIt is a fact that in today’s era, only the products which seem are composed of hazardous ingredients seems to catch the fancy of beauty lovers! Without taking a deep insight into the future ill effects and disadvantages of such products, one is only bothered about pampering and enhancing looks by using such superficial means!! At the end of the day, after all it is always better to be a little gentler when it comes to the body and skin. In such a case, there could never possibly be something as good as the natural skin care products. Simple homemade gels comprising of a mix of honey and aloe Vera is just the perfect example of nature skincare!

The Best Natural Skin Care Products might have a diverse range starting from Shea Butter Lotions and Creams, coconut body cleansers ( which are 100 % natural ) or even mild body oils which leaves the body feeling smoother and softer after application ! Skin, being the largest organ of the human body definitely deserves a lot of attention to be specific. The worst thing that one can ever do to it is by treating it with all the wrong chemicals which adorn the shelves of general stores. Hence, it is advisable to use natural products which do not damage the skin in anyway. This is made possible because of the eradication of certain controversial ingredients in conventional skincare products!! A nice refreshing toner for a super sensitive skin is a great idea! Don’t you think so?