Month: August 2016

Get 100 Percent Pure Shea Butter for Better Treatment of Your Skin and Hair Issues

100 Percent Pure Shea ButterThose days are gone, while people used to depend on cosmetic products for skin care. Today’s generation believes in using natural and living a healthy life. Of course, still millions of people across the world daily buy cosmetic products from the market, but they do not get positive results from the bought products. What they need to know is chemicals mixed in beauty products can badly harm their skin. They should get ready to face adverse effects, if they are widely using chemically prepared products over their skin. Using organic products like Shea butter is a much better way of protecting skin against many skin issues.

Go natural and be healthy:

We promote only natural products prepared by using natural ingredients. You may know that finding 100 percent pure Shea butter is really quite tough. People from non-African nations wish to get it so that they can take better care of their skin and hair. The African citizens have been using Shea butter as a cooking ingredient for a long time. They have used it for skin and hair care and now many of them have healthy skin. You can also get pure Shea butter if you order it online and let us provide the best ingredient for your demands.

Why should you place an order online?

We don’t say that all the local dealers of Shea butter provide unoriginal products. Yes, you can find some suppliers, who sell it at very high prices. Is it better to purchase a natural skin care and hair care product on quite expensive rates, while you can buy it online at very affordable prices? Of course, it is not a feasible choice and that’s why you should choose 100 percent pure Shea butter online from our shop. We promise you to deliver high-quality Shea butter within 2 to 3 working days.

You can go through our website and check the details regarding each product. You will find all of them prepared by using natural ingredients. We don’t invest in chemicals because we know how harmful it can be for our customers. We offer 100% original and naturally prepared products in our online store. Buy 100 percent pure Shea butter and you can use it for skin care, hair care and also for other demands. It is a rich ingredient with an abundance of nutrients. You must keep it in your home so that you can prevent premature aging, dry skin, collagen issue and other problems of your skin.

Try Raw African Black Soap for Healthy and Glowing Skin

As per available details, people across the world use chemical mixed skin care products. People think that they are protecting their skin against general and critical skin-issues, but actually they take a big risk with their healthy skin. Generally, soaps contain different kinds’ chemicals that cause adverse effects on your skin. You may not experience the problem immediately, but soon skin problems occur. Why to use a chemically prepared soap, while you can use a completely natural and beneficial product? We offer you raw African black soap that is probably one of the best soaps for better care of your skin. We believe in offering products that can enhance your natural appeal and turn the dry skin into glowing skin.

Raw African Black SoapWhat are the ingredients used in raw African soap?

The raw African black soap is a skin nourishing product and it is completely natural. This soap is full of antioxidants and this property turns it into the best mate of your skin. This soap comprises cocoa pod, ashes of banana skin, palm leave oil and palm leaves. We don’t forget to add ingredients like honey and Shea butter for softening your skin. This soap is the best treatment for general skin issues and you would get agreed to this fact, when you use it.

Try it to prevent premature aging and dull skin:

Are you worried because you are losing your natural appeal due to radical damage of skin? You must try raw African black soap, if it is happening with you. Premature aging has become a big issue with many people. They search its solution in other skincare products, while naturally prepared products can offer better effects. Our soap also improves the natural tone of your skin and makes it fair and glowing skin. You can prevent lots of money of the beauty salons by using our soap. It works like a natural treatment and offers impressive results.

Place order online and get it at your home:

We offer top class service for your demands. We provide best natural skin care products prepared for your health. The raw African black soap is one of our best selling products. Many of our customers have tried it and got impressive results by using it. This will give you an appealing look and you won’t try any other soap after using it. This soap will become your main requirement because its effective treatment will cure almost of your skin issues.

Get Shea Butter for Skin and Hair Care at Affordable Prices

With the help of the internet, now it has become so easy to know the benefits of organic skin care. The users across the world come on the web to know that which natural element can offer them proper care and treatment. People have used skin care products of companies for a long time. Now, almost of them know that fake claims of big companies cannot offer them positive results. On the other hand, using natural products like Shea butter can help much better. The Shea butter for skin is considered one of the best ingredients. It turns dull and dry skin into soft and glowing skin. It is a natural and a much better than expensive products on the market. You must use it for quick benefits and appealing looks.

Why Shea butter is so much promoted for skin care?

Experts call it a superfood for better health of the skin. The Shea butter is extracted from the seeds of the Shea tree. This butter contains vitamin A, E and F in abundance and it also offer perfect protection against harmful UV rays of the sun. Probably, you may know that fatty acids are good for our skin. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids, which promote the creation of collagen in the skin. The African citizens have been using Shea butter for a very long time. We know its benefits and now we are providing it to you at very affordable prices.

It can replace many of your skin scare products:

When you start knowing the advantages of Shea butter for skin, you simply refuse to buy another skin scare products. You find them quite useless against this natural and healthy ingredient. Companies across the world use Shea butter as the main ingredient in their skin care products. Hence, it is quite healthy and beneficial for your skin, why don’t you use Shea butter directly? It won’t be a risky deal because there are no side-effects of using Shea butter for skin or hair.

Get it online at affordable prices:

We understand that many companies would like to gain benefit from the popularity of Shea butter. They may offer poor quality or mixed products on the name of Shea butter. Don’t take such chances because you can place orders directly on our site, where people from our African society creates organic skin and hair care products. You get 100% original things for your skin and hair care.

Exhibit Space at the Fair at the PNE

AugFair 2ust 20 – September 5, 2016

Closed Monday August 22 & 29

The Fair at the PNE is Vancouver’s biggest summer event which draws over 750,000 people. With the diverse audience attending The Fair, it serves as an amazing location to help you promote your brand and secure great sales.

The Fair offers diverse booth locations including indoor space at Marketplace, ideal for fashion, housewares, clothing, gifts and electronics and then an additional 115 acres of Outside Grounds great for concessions, rides, attractions and shopping.

Applications for the 2016 Fair at the PNE are now closed. Thank you for your interest. Applications for the 2017 Fair at the PNE will open at the beginning of 2017.

For further information, please contact in Exhibit Space at 604-252-3504 or

PNE 2016

Please note that in the best interest of the experience of our guests, we do not accept applications to exhibit, display or sample onsite from individuals or groups in the following categories:

  1. Religious groups promoting any type of faith-based messaging (long term grandfathered partners in this category will be phased out over time)
  2. Political groups
  3. Special interest advocacy groups (any group that promotes a message that criticizes another individual or organization’s beliefs, policies or behaviors in any way)

Don’t miss the fair and don’t miss our Booth #614 at Marketplace. All types of organic Shea butter products are available for your hair and skin.

Raw African Black Soap – a 100% Natural Product for Your Skin

Africans have continually been a master once it involves in skin and hair care, even in such tropical bound of climatically changes. They create their means of maintaining the most effective hair and skin albeit the adverse climate does not support them. The most secret behind them being such effective in obtaining visible ends up in their skin and hair is Raw African Black Soap. It could be an abundant common natural ingredient – The butter, extracted from the tree, found within the African states. Even the African Fair Trade Society is the key believer of the similar reality and supports the merchandise created from the similar ingredients. Raw African Black Soap

Types of African Butter

The African butter is usually obtainable in 2 basic kinds- the 100% pure butter within the most refined form and also the raw butter. If you are doing not just like the smell of natural, raw Butter, you will be able to even purchase and choose merchandise with additional extremely refined Butter that has been de-odorized. It is primarily the robust smell owing to which individuals tend to maneuver aloof from the raw half. But, honestly speaking the raw butter is unquestionably of bigger worth and proves extremely effective on each skin and hair care.

Products like raw African black soap is one in the entire foremost common skin care essential product for 100% skin association and treatment. This has well-tried to be one in all the foremost effective merchandise for skin care and protection since ages, creating it one in all the foremost important merchandise for skin nourishment.