Month: June 2016

Raw African Black Soap : A Wonderful Natural Skincare Product

Africans have always been a master when it comes to skin and hair care, even in such tropical extremities of climatic changes. They make their way of maintaining the best hair and skin even though the adverse climate doesn’t support them. The main secret behind them being such effective in getting visible results in their skin and hair caRaw African Black Soapre is a much popular natural ingredient – The Shea butter, extracted from the Shea tree, found in the African states. Even the African Fair Trade Society is the key believer of the similar fact and supports the products made up of the similar ingredients.

The African Shea butter is generally available in two basic forms- the 100% pure Shea butter in the most refined form and the raw Shea butter. If you do not like the smell of natural, raw Shea Butter, you can even purchase and go for products with more highly refined Shea Butter that has been de-odorized. It’s basically the strong smell due to which people tend to move away from the raw part. But, frankly speaking the raw butter is definitely of greater value and proves highly effective on both skin and hair care.

Products such as raw African black soap is one of the most popular skin care essential product for 100% skin hydration and treatment. This has proved to be one of the most effective products for skin care and protection since ages and shown quite visible results even on the African skins that are exposed to heat and UV rays of highest order, making it one of the most vital products for skin nourishment.

Shea Butter for Hair: One Product and Many Solutions

If long and shiny hair is the dream you have ever lived in and always feel awe while looking at someone else beautiful long hairs, definitely a product enriched with Shea butter content perfect fit for you. Yes! You have read it right. Shea butter is an important ingredient that not only turns to be wondrous for skin care but is much effective dealing with hair care part as well.Shea Butter for Hair

Now you know the secret behind Africans having that beautifully flaunting long black hair. Being an African product in origin, Shea butter tends to be a vital ingredient in any of the skin care and hair care products. The African Fair Trade Society is one such African body that looks in to getting a perfectly suitable Shea butter enriched products for both skin and hair care.

Some of the major reasons behind using Shea butter for hair as listed below:-

  1. It gives a soothing feel to the irritating scalp due to dry scalp or dandruff growth in the scalp.
  2. The major problem with curly thick hair is the lack of moisture. Shea butter has the fine ability to lock in moisture for such dry and arid hair, making them smoother looking.
  3. It also protects your hair against the UV rays as it has the SPF content that takes full care of your hair when exposed to heat of the sun, avoiding any of the adverse effects on your hair.
  4. The Shea butter hair products are excellent towards hair softening. They make a perfect softener for dry and frizzy hair, creating a super excellent soft flowing hair.

Get Rid of Hair Problems by Using Raw Shea Butter Products

Hair is often considered as a sign of youth and good health. But, the chemical treatments and pollution makes one’s hair fall weak and become limp. People who undergo hair loss know how it feels to have that is limp and lifeless. However, there are many ways to combat hair loss and get a head full of hair. There are many raw shea butter products available in wholesale to avoid hair loss.Raw Shea Butter Products Wholesale

Shea Butter is a Great for Hair Care

After all the chemical treatments, all one needs is a natural method to make up to the damage they make while taking such treatments. Shea butter is a blessing in disguise. It has so many winning properties that make it a star ingredient for hair care. Shea butter is great for hair as:

  • It contains vitamins A, E & F. These vitamins are great to bring back all the lost shine in hair. Shea butter makes hair soft and shiny once again.
  • It also has deep conditioning and moisturizing properties that condition the hair and remove the dullness in the hair. Dry and chemically damaged hair can be treated well with Shea butter.
  • People who suffer from extensive hair loss can also extract some benefit from using Shea butter. Shea butter helps one in achieving stronger tresses that do not fall out easily.
  • Dry scalp and hair also lead to hair fall. So, using she butter will absolutely prove to be helpful.

Shea butter is one of those magical ingredients that are used even in products.