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Curing All Kinds of Hair Problems, Shea Butter a Boon to All

A good hair day is something which we all would love to have each and every day of our lives. Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body. They greatly add on to one’s appearance. Great looking hair adds on to our confidence. A lot of times when we look good, we feel good. And it is important to feel good about one because that keeps us happy. So a good hair day keeps us happy and everyone would want to have this happiness every day.Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Shea butter can fill our lives with this kind of happiness. It is a natural moistening agent which prevents hair loss by making hair strong and healthy. Shea butter is a rich source of vitamins namely A, E, and F and enriches our hair deeply. It improves the texture of our hair and gives us volume by repairing damaged hair.

There are a lot of chemicals in the market which preach about good hair. But it is always advisable to look for natural ways. Natural remedies for hair loss are very important because these days a lot of harm is being done to our hair. There is a lot of pollution which adversely affects our hair. The ultraviolet rays of the damages our hair. Sometimes busy schedules and health problems also lead to weakened hair.

Everyone likes to be fashionable and this leads to a lot of experimenting with one’s hair. Things like colouring, curling, straightening and styling damages the natural quality of one’s hair. Shea butter is a product of Mother Nature which helps us to fight all these damaging factors.

It has multiple advantages like

  • A natural conditioner – Shea butter has moisturizing quality which makes it a great conditioner. It works wonder on dry damaged hair.
  • Calms inflammation – our scalp gets itchy when it is dry. Shea butter moisturizes irritated and dry scalp. It helps to get rid of dandruff. It has anti – inflammatory qualities which makes it suitable for all hair types
  • Great appearance – Shea butter spreads easily from roots to ends and does not give us an oily or greasy look.

Thus by improving the quality and condition of hair, it prevents hair loss and can truly be counted as a great natural remedy.

Shea Butter Is Nature’s Gift to Mankind for Their Skin and Hair

Shea butter is one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind. It is extracted from the nut of African Shea tree and made available to all of us by the African fair trade society. It has become a busy world today and people do not have time for themselves. This being one of the many factors is deteriorating one’s body by affecting our hair and skin. There is a lot of pollution and which is damaging our skin and hair. The busy lives provide less time to relax and increased levels of tension. All these show on our body by making our skin and hair look dull.Fair Trade Shea Butter Wholesale

A lot of treatments are available today but in some or the other way they result in the application of more chemicals on our body. Shea butter is one natural substance which provides a relief against other chemicals. It is highly rich in vitamins which make it beneficial for our skin and hair.

Shea butter has medicinal properties and works as a great healing agent. It can be applied to our skin and hair in different forms. Fair trade Shea butter wholesale is reliable and provides quality Shea butter products. Shea butter is made available to us in the form of soaps. These soaps have quite a few qualities.

  • Cleanses skin – the Shea butter has anti oxidants present which help in the reduction of acne. It clears and cleanses our skin by aiding in removal of blackheads.
  • Nourished skin – the presence of vitamins A, E, and F provides nourishment to the skin. Shea butter has exfoliating properties which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, thus making our skin look young and beautiful.
  • Beneficial to environment – other than being a boon to ourselves, Shea butter is great for the environment too. The absence of chemicals leads to no damage or destruction to the environment. Also it comes in various fragrances which make the surroundings pleasant.

Apart from the skin, Shea butter can be used on hair too. It acts as a natural remedy for hair loss. It nourishes our hair as it is a natural conditioner. The advantage being that it is non greasy which gives our hair a great texture.

Personal Hygiene Is Essential for a Healthy Living

Cleanliness is Godliness. We can gauge the importance of hygiene in human lives. From the elementary level, people are taught the importance and ways of maintaining hygiene. When kids are in the hands of their parents, they maintain their hygiene and before the time comes when they can handle themselves they are taught every lesson about keeping a hygienic surrounding and also maintaining personal hygiene. This is essential since a dirty environment and an unhygienic person is not only repulsive to other people, but also the cause of various diseases and disabilities. African Shea Butter Black soap

Medicinal soaps

Bathing is important not only maintaining personal hygiene, but also in maintaining a glowing and beautiful skin and body. There can be nothing more attractive than a clean and sweet smelling individual. Bathing also removes body odor and helps us look and feel fresh. It is essential for a person to bathe on a regular basis to maintain his physical health as well as his mental health. Being clean gives out good vibes which help people feel better and in turn lead their lives in a better way.

African Shea butter soap

Bathing soaps now come in many varieties and qualities. Many of them are beneficial for the skin since they are made using products that are good for the skin and also have medicinal properties. African Shea Butter Black soap is one such product which is known to have properties that help de-tan your skin and moisturize and heal it. It has various varieties and fragrances which appeal to the users.

Importance of Healthy Diet in a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s the survival of the fittest, they say. In order to be fit we have to take a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take supplements that complement our diet. A healthy diet is not only important for a healthy metabolism and building immunity but also to keep our skin glowing and look beautiful. This is a proven fact that what we eat reflects on our face. Too much oil can lead to pimples whereas too less of it can cause dryness.images

Uses of Shea butter

Shea butter is one such ingredient that should be included in the diet in order to enhance its nutrient value. It is so beneficial that it is also used for medicinal purposes to make ointments. Also used in sun blocking lotions and as anti-inflammatory ointments, its uses can be various. Mostly it is very good for the skin and besides protecting your skin from tanning by the sun; it also keeps it fresh and healthy. It is also used to relieve nasal congestion. Shea butter is also used in many places as cooking oil.

African Shea butter

African Shea butter is especially famous in this regard and is used for all the reasons mentioned before. It contains rich beta carotene and owes its medicinal properties to the same. Shea butter is used as cooking oil in Africa since a long time and used in Europe to make chocolates. It is derived from Shea nut and since it is not refined or processed in any way, it has huge health benefits.

100% Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter from African Fair Trade Society

Shea butter is used for moisturizing and its healing properties. It can be used as a lotion, cream or even for natural hair remedies. She butter is extracted from the fat of karite tree that grows in Africa. It has been used as the best skin moisturizing agent and also as a hair conditioner too that helps in getting relief from the dry, damaged and dull hair. As an unrefined material, it is used for the process of cooking too. It can also be used to make candles, coat on wood products. Shea butter has nutrients and nourishes the skin by fulfilling the deficiency of vitamin a and vitamin e.

The Shea butter is extracted from the fat of the tree and afterwards mixed with nuts. It is roasted and afterwards grounded to convert into a paste by adding some water. The material formed is in the form of curd. The curd is then boiled and the extra water is evaporated. The left over part is the unrefined shea butter.

The unrefined shea butter is not as same as raw shea butter. The Raw unrefined African Shea butter is filtered using a cheese cloth. It can be later filtered and moulded in the form of sticks and bars. The Shea butter contains oelic and stearic acid that makes it nutritive. This rich combination makes it useful in treating many hair problems and skin allergies too. It is free of all the chemicals from all the refinement processes. It is also recommended as the best form of shea butter.

The Best Body Cream Available

Shea butter is a natural remedy to moisturize the dry and rough skin. Shea butter is also used for natural remedies for treating skin as well as hairs. It is obtained from the fat of the tree. It also helps in fulfilling the nutritive value of the skin by providing vitamin A and vitamin E.Organic Shea Butter Body Cream

Different types of uses of Shea butter

  1. Shea butter can be used in various different forms such as
  2. Cream
  3. Lotion
  4. In the form of lip balm
  5. Natural remedies for hair

Some benefit of organic Shea butter body cream

As Shea butter is rich in vitamins, it adds on the nourishing and moisturizing content of the cream. It also helps to treat many skin related problems and hair problems too.

Also the cinnamic acid present in the Shea butter makes it anti inflammatory. It helps to make the skin free from allergies. It also helps in treating wrinkles, blemishes and black spots. It also helps in treating acne and other skin problems.

The Shea butter contains many rich nutrients that add on the nutritive value when mixed with other lotion. It prevents the skin from getting dehydrated and makes the skin soft and strengthens the moisture locking property.The Shea butter is the best used product for skin Care and also protects the skin from ultra violet rays. It provides vitamins, moisture and nutrients that protect the skin from getting dry. It acts as a lip balm and also as a dehydrating agent. It can also be used as natural remedies for hair too.

What Makes a Person Beautiful?

The most attractive thing to look up to is the beautiful hair. It is the most attractive thing one looks up to. They make you look different and also build up a different personality. But what effects the most is the loss of hair. Hair loss makes a person in tension and it is because of many factors.

Factors behind hair loss Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

  1. Aging
  2. Lack in proteins
  3. Excessive consumption of smoking
  4. Too much stress
  5. Hormonal deficiencies
  6. Side effects of medicines
  7. Polycystic ovary syndrome
  8. Cause of anaemia
  9. Deficiency of iron
  10. Chronic illness
  11. Use of wrong hair product
  12. Medical conditions like thyroid or blood pressure
  13. Changing shampoo frequently
  14. Excessive use of hair masks and conditioner

There are so many hair on head, but the continuous fall of hair causes a lot of trouble. And usually the loss of hair is like 50 – 100 strands or even more than that in a day. And this hair fall can lead to many other things. It can also be a result of dry scalp. It is necessary to take action before the hair fall shows its result as bald spots and making the hair thin.

Some Natural remedies for hair loss can be:

Add some almond oil to caster oil and warm it for 45 seconds in microwave and apply it on hair. Wash after two hours or keep it overnight.

Add some gooseberry powder to almond oil and massage with aloe Vera. Keep it for two to three hours and rinse with water. Apply shampoo.