Month: May 2012

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A Chair For All – Part 2

Remembering the past is often as important as planning for the future. From Ba's time growing up, he has learned that success can often come with a cost. "The proof is in the past" he once told me. Ba remembers when mineral exploration and extraction was a major industry in his area of Senegal. With people solely focusing on mineral wealth, villages are often situated in the middle of a governments plan. "The women are very concerned about success of the AFTS. They remember when the government came to the city all too often." Fear and corruption are apart of…

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A Chair For All – Part 1

When you want to make a small change in the world, you often need to look back at what shaped your vision for change. The African Fair Trade Society (AFTS) is a small little organization that wants to make the world a little better. It had been five years since Ba Cisse, the founder of the AFTS, had returned to his home village in Senegal. Five years ago the AFTS was a tiny little organization trying to survive. Ba was determined to help his village when they were desperate. After many years of hard work he now wanted to see…